FASHION // Dr. Martens

Lately I’ve been obsessed by Dr. Martens. About a year ago I bought some lace up boots from Primark, but since they’re kind of ruined and I absolutely have noooo idea where they are, I need some new one’s. I wore these lace up boots so often last winter that I decided to buy some real leather ones this year, so they will stay pretty longer.

Deciding what shoes I would buy this time wasn’t hard: I’ve always had a crush on lace up boots by Dr. Martens. I still have to wait for a few weeks before I have enough money and a merchandise card from the store where I’m buying them, but I’ve already been looking all over the web to find inspiration on how to wear them and which ones I’ll be buying. I will be going for the black ones, though I really adore these other colours as well.

Stay tuned to check out my new boots in a few weeks and check out some inspirational pictures down here!


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LIFESTYLE // Catching up

Well hello my precious followers!

It had been wayyyyy to long since I’ve been writing, and there’s been so much going on! Since I quit school in March this year, I’ve hardly ever been on my laptop, which made it harder to write some blogposts.

First of all I had an amazing summer! We’ve been to Croatia for two weeks and spend a lot of time doing cool stuff. We’ve been jetskiing, waterskiing, sunbathing and eating pizza’s :’). Check out some of my photo’s:




















I switched schools and been in University for 4 weeks now and I absolutely enjoy it! It’s such a difference compared to my previous school and I’m still happy about the decision I made 6 months ago. I’m studying psychology and it’s very interesting to learn about people and their minds and behaviour. Besides I’ve met some awesome new girls there.

Now that I’m back in school and back on my laptop I really want to keep up with the writing again!




FASHION // Festival

I’m sooooo excited! Festival season is coming! Festivals are amazing because of three reasons: first, the weather. It’s (mostly) sunny and warm, who doesn’t love that? Second, music. Where would we be without it? I’m an absolute lover of rock, indie and folk, which are played at festivals a lot. And last, but DEFINITELY not least, fashion. I believe festivals are the places to be when it comes to fashion. Almost everything is possible, I mean, is there any other place where even rain boots can be worn in a fashionable way? Don’t think so 😉

Even though my first festival will be in May, which is still more than a month away, but I’m shopping with the festival season in the back of my mind. There are no rules for your festival outfit, except for the fact that it should be easy to wear (NO HIGH HEELS!). Things I like most for festivals are flower headbands, fringes and hats. I made three different styles which would definitely work for sunny festival days, let me know which is your favorite!

1. Bohemian/country inspired look

festival1This look is inspired on bohemian or country look. The dress is so cute (I’m thinking about buying it myself) and simple, that it’s possible to combine it in any way you like. In this picture I combined the dress with some low suede boots and a fringe shoulder bag to give it a bohemian twist. On sunny days there’s nothing better than wearing a nice hat to protect your face and hair from the sun.

2. Rock look

festival2This look is awesome if you’re going to a festival with some rock music. The cut-out boots are a definite must have for this year, and this low version is easy to wear for a festival. The jumpsuit from H&M is super handy and easy wearable as well. Combined with a jeans waistcoat and a suede fringe clutch to add some variation with colors, and make sure you’re not dressed all black.

3. Romantic look

festival3This cute romantic look is great for festivals. Nothing is more comfortable than some flat sneakers from converse. Every girl has her own favorite jeans shorts. They’re easy to combine with almost everything, but this white blouse from H&M gives it a romantic twits. Add some flowers to your hair and you’re ready to go!

What I love most about all three looks is that the basic is pretty simple, but by adding some cool accessories you can easily create a cool festival look.

Again, let me know which look is your favorite and why!

Love- Nienke

LIFESTYLE // What has been going on

Sooooooo… I haven’t been writing for over a month and I’m terribly ashamed about it. The truth is, I just couldnt’ get myself to doing it.

There has been a lot going on lately that I could have written about. I bought some new clothes that were worthy of a shoplog, I finally made a decision on my education, I have been celebrating carnival for the first time, I finished another necklace and I found some new hobbies.

First things first. I bought this gorgeous winter coat from H&M last month. Though it’s finally getting a bit warmer and starting to feel like spring outside, I couldn’t forget about it. It was for sale and I will need a warm coat for winter next year again anyway 😉 Great excuse to buy it! So here it is:

hmprod (33)Then, two weeks ago, I decided to quit school. After my last blogpost about my doubts and struggles, I received a lot of awesome responses from friends and family about following my heart, doing what makes me happy and not worrying about the money. But the person that convinced me most and took away all my doubts was my dad.

“You’re young now. This is the one and only moment to make sure you’re happy. Don’t ever let money get in the way of that.” – Dad.

It was a hard decision, but after I made it, it was a weight off my shoulders. At the moment I’m trying to work as much as possible to make money for the coming years of college. The days I’m not working I’m catching up with some friends, making more and more pretty necklaces and drawing and doodling some stuff.

The weekend after I made my decision, I could celebraten not only that I quit school, but I was celebrating carnival as well. Here in the Netherlands, it’s almost only celebrated in the south of the Netherlands. But since my boyfriend lived in the south of the Netherlands for a long while, it’s something he grew up with. His mom still lives there so we could stay at her place. Though I was worrying sick about carnival (since it was my first time celebrating it), it was an awesome weekend. The idea is that you dress up as crazy as possible and get drunk the whole weekend 😉 This is what my buddy and I looked like:

1920465_607476649333010_322393240_nI was exhausted after the three days of partying, but we will centainly go celebrate it again next year.

As I mentioned before I’ve been busy making some more jewellery lately. I’m pretty proud of this one, since it’s so different from the ones I’ve made before. It’s made with a different technique as well, cause I didn’t only use link chains, but used felt, beads, studs and rhinestones as well. This is what it turned out to:

IMG_6333For now, this all I had to tell you guys about. I will definitely be writing more often from now on, so I don’t have to tell about a whole month in one post 😉

Love – Nienke

FASHION // Tattoo inspiration

To make losing weight easier for myself, I’ve set a goal for this summer. And with a goal, comes a reward. This gives me something to work for, something to look out for. So my reward will be… A new tattoo!

Since I already have three tattoos, I’m not sure how many I still want. I don’t want to end up with tattoos all over me. But what I do want is something I can expand, and add new things to.

I’m always looking for inspiration for new tattoos on websites like weheartitpinterest and so on. But now I found something I really really really like and the more I see it, the more I start loving it.

I’m thinking about  a mandala tattoo. A mandala, which means ‘circle’, is a spiritual symbol which is used in both Buddhism and Hinduism. A mandala can be everything, but it’s always drawn with a circle as basic form. Most mandalas are geometric, and all the sides are exactly the same. I like the way how some mandalas look like geometrical flowers.

Though I’m not religious, I’ve always been interested in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Since I’ve been practicing judo for several years, I was into the Japanese culture and everything around it. I especially focused on the wisdom behind Buddhism.



If I will take a tattoo in mandala style, I would like it to have a lotus flower involved. The lotus flower has some special meanings to it. In Buddhism, the lotus flower stands for purity and neatness. My name, Nienke, has the same meaning. Next to that, the lotus flower has another special characteristic. The lotus flower grows from muddy water. It’s very special how a flower with such beauty can grow from such dirty, muddy ground. That’s why for some people the lotus can also mean  having faced a hard ‘muddy’ period of time but feeling a better, stronger person afterwards. I can really relate to this meaning as well.

Here are some examples of madala/lotus tattoos I really like.

The first one doesn’t have anything like a flower involved, but I’m amazed by the shape, size and placement of this one.


8201-mandala-forearm-by-jondix-mahashakti_large_large encase_me_in_this_design_by_grotesquedarling13-d6pv2l7 large tattoo_dotwork_mandala__by_my_sketch_by_asikaart-d6wlsgt tumblr_mhpm37iCM61rlvc8wo1_500


LIFESTYLE // Sucky school struggles

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been having struggles with my education. I’m in my second year now and it takes 4 years in total. Though I had some doubts in my first year already, my teachers told me that I could choose my own courses in the next year, so it would all be better. Now that I am in the ‘next year’, I discovered that there weren’t that much choices though. So now I’m completely done with everything. And that sucks.

Actually I don’t like talking about it at all. I know it’s important to do so, but I hate doing it because literally everyone I talk to has a different opinion and it’s driving me nuts. And though they all seem to be having an opinion, all they say in the end is “you are the only one who knows what’s best for you.”

But I don’t. I have NO idea what to do and I’ve been dealing with it for over three months now. I hate complaining and I don’t want to act pathetic, but it’s tiring. I wake up thinking about it and I fall asleep thinking about it.

In fact, the choice is simple. I either quit school now and start a new education in September, or I continue what I’m doing now and I graduate in 2.5 years. But there are some factors that make the decision so much harder. First problem is money. If money was no issue, I would have quit months ago. But starting a new education will cost me thousands of euro’s, which I don’t have. Second problem is our apartment. Of course it’s not impossible to find another place to live, but we’ll have to leave this apartment in 2.5 years. Starting a new education will mean that we will have to find a new place to live here in Amsterdam.

Following my heart will mean I quit school and find something I like doing. Following my logical reasoning means finishing school and hoping to find a job that isn’t related to my education that much…

I’m afraid I will be thinking about this for some time from now, just like I’ve been thinking about it for the last months. At least it feels good to write everything down, just to get it out of my mind.

I gotta go now, still got some studying to do 😉

Love- Nienke


FASHION // Recent boughts

I recently bought some amazing new mutshaves at H&M. For the colder days: two gorgeous cardigans. The first one is a mohair-blend in a beige color, the second one a melange black and white one. Next to these great cardigans I bought some great cut-out boots with a heel and silver buckles. Last but not least, a black woollen hat. I love wearing it because it looks so classy. All the things I bought are my favourites of this moment, because they are so wearable in every kind of weather (since the weather changes every day in the Netherlands). What are your favourite items of all time?

Love- Nienke

recentNaamloosMe wearing the hat