LIFESTYLE // Home inspiration

Now that my boyfriend and I are living in our little apartment for almost a year, we are trying to find ways to make small changes to our interoir to not get bored. When we started living here, we chose for some bright blue and red colours and leave the rest of the room black and white. I still love these colours, but sometimes I wish they were less bright and we used some more natural colours. An easy way to do this is to paint our blue walls a colour like taupe, grey or brownish. Doing this we get rid of the blue, but keep the red, which I think is a cool idea. To show you my ideas, I’ve been trying to make some moodboards.

huidigThese are the colours and things we are using in our room right now.

steigerThis is something I would love: wallpaper that looks like grey wood, with a lightgrey paint in our kitchen that matches a colour in the wallpaper.

taupeAnother idea that I love: a taupe brownish colour on our walls, and some jute textures. We allready have a cute leopard plaid on our couch, which would match the colour perfectly.


While looking on some inspirational websites like Welke and weheartit I found some of these supercool ideas of interiors. I love all the natural colours and textures. Some of the ideas are not possible in our tiny little room, but it’s always great to have some inspiration and dream about the future 🙂

4576820013aa53fe21d9z clipper_1331551688_Landelijke-fotolijst-voor-veel-foto-s inspiratie2 Inspiratie-van-interieur.1386087349-van-DecorationsbyNikki large (1)


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